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  TORCHON LACE PURSES - BOOK  starstarstar
This book gives 10 purse designs but each side is different so you can make 20 different patterns.
4.50  Now 2.75
Torchon Purse Kit 6.40. Usually
The kit contains the book and two reels of your own colour choice of Finca Perle 16.
In the picture I have shown Christmas Red and Christmas Green. The purses make great little Christmas tree hangers putting sweeties or little gifts in each. I met a lady some years ago who actually made an advent calendar!

Purse Book 
Book Only  2.75
Purse Kit  6.40
Please look at the PERLE 16 colours to choose your threads and enter the numbers here.
Insert your two Perle 16 colour choices here


Crochet Books


Twilleys Book of Instant Crochet

The best "Learn to Crochet" I have ever come across.


Patons First Steps In Crochet.

Has 25 easy patterns.




Diana Lampe's




Tatting Booklets

Rosemarie Peel Tatting

Has 17 Basic patterns plus a Learn Tatting Leaflet.

Can be worked in Finca crochet 20 or Finca Perle 12. £5.50

A great follow up to our tatting kits.

Tatting Book £5.50




Tatting Book 3

by Lyn Morton

Collars, crucifix, fan & more.  £8.50

Tatting Book 4

by Lyn Morton

Book of pretty patterns suitable for greeting cards and more. £10.00


Tatting Book 5

by Lyn Morton  £9.00


Easy Tatting Book 6

by Lyn Morton

This book is for the newcomers to Tatting. £5.25

Learn Tatting with Lacet

Fold out instructions, illustrated and easy to follow £1.00

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We have a minimum online order of £7.50 excluding P&P.



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