Postage Rates


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The price of postage will be added to your order.

Presencia UK Ltd is a UK based company.

We welcome orders from all over the world and will be happy to ship to you wherever you are.


UK Postage

There is a minimum postage charge of £3.20This will cover items up to 1kg.

After that the rate will be the cost of the postage stamps plus £1.00 for packaging or boxes.

We accept these cards.

Overseas Postage

Our preferred methods of payment for overseas buyers are by Credit Card  

We accept MasterCard and Visa. 

We also accept Switch cards if you want to use a UK account.

or Sterling Eurocheque

Overseas rates will be worked out in a similar way to UK postage.

We accept these cards


Notes on Post and Packaging prices

All prices advertised are exclusive of postage and packing. We supply a wide range of items and we do not wish to make a profit on postage by rounding up charges on every item. We find it much easier to charge you the exact postage when we have packed your order.

Credit Cards -When you pay by credit card over the phone or by post, we can calculate the exact postage and charge it to your card.

We accept these cards

Postal Order -When paying by postal order, please ring and we will calculate the exact postage for you over the telephone.

Cheque -You can pay by cheque using the 'Cheque Limit' system. To use this method, simply work out the total cost of the items, add £8 and round up to the nearest pound. Make the cheque out to "Presencia UK Ltd", add the date and sign as usual. Beneath your signature, write the limit of your cheque e.g., for a total of £24.80, write 'Not to exceed £25.00'. Do not write the words and figures section of your cheque. We will do this when we have calculated the correct postage.

Minimum Orders -To ensure we don't lose money, we have a minimum order value of 7.50. Minimum UK postage and packing is 3.20

Overseas -We are happy to send orders overseas. Please make payment by credit card or Sterling Eurocheque.

We accept these cards

 If you wish to check the value of your order in a different currency please use this Currency Converter.

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