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 It was made (with help) in La Pallette by Jessica Mace, a quite young lady who is not very experienced.


Quilts worked by The Quilting Company

25 Years

Twenty five years worked to 5ft instead of the original 11" of the pattern. Fantastic. Worked by Lesley Beverley.


Made By Ruth Richardson who won 1st prize at her WI.

Angel Bag

The kit for this can be forund here at Polstitches Design

Butterfly Mat

Worked by Anne Newton of Nene lacemakers.Anne was entering a competiton and was challenged by her friend, Athene, to do it in black. So she did! She used as well as the black four colours of metallic. Looks great and she won!!


This crucifix was made by Pat Foster and it is the first piece she has made on her own! .

She says  "It was the first pattern I got to do on my own once my teacher informed me that I had done all the basic torchon stitches..
I feel like a learner driver who's just gotten permission to take the big red L off the front and rear bumpers... "


This Love Knot Garter was made by Sue Duckles for her daughter who was thrilled with it


Rose Corsage crochet in Perle 8 by Margaret Dale. She entered it in a Talent festival and  got 98% plus a certificate.

Worked by Vicki from Indiagrace.
Available as a kit from www.indiagrace.co.uk

Peggotty Patch worked by Maria New. 72 squares and the edging,
It took Maria 3 years and 4 months. Well done Maria
Peggoty Patch
Heidi worked by Helen Lewis who has only been making lace for 18 months. Love her colours.
Patchwork quilt, Pin Wheel worked by Yvonne Finch using Finca quilting thread. Took Yvonne 8 months.
It is all worked by hand. I can't begin to think how you do it so beautifully.
Pinwheel Quilt

Margaret Peek with her niece wearing the garter made by Margaret. 
Scarf worked by Mavis Johnson in Finca Perle 5. The pattern is in "50 New Bobbin Lace Patterns" by Claire Burkland. Mavis slightly increased the size of the pricking.
Knitted by Tone in Norway using Finca Perle 16! The pattern is from a book by Linda Spratley, Miniature Knitting
 doll doll     doll
Brugge Crucifix worked by Geff Brook in our La Paleta. Geoff and his wife Joan tease that they are our Groupies!
 Lace Cross
Grace Worked by Rosalind Formoy for a Pearl wedding anniversary.

Emily worked by Judith Adkins

Another way to do Rainbow, worked by Yvonne and mounted in a tray.

Little Angel dress.
Worked by Sheila Webster. Sheila says she lined the dress in peach with peach trim.
She also adapted the bottom frill to make the pretty hat.
A variation on December worked by Maria New.
Emly Alyss at her christening wearing the "Little Angel" dress made by nanny Esther Taylor.
Paula Gooch visited the unit and brought her lovely version of the Fengate cloth.

She says it has taken her 3 years but what a lovely cloth!

Mrs Lyons crochet this bedspread with Finca threads.

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